Friday, July 2, 2010

It took decades, but we're almost there.......

Fear is a powerful emotion. It protects us from harm, its so strong because it's there to keep us from harm. Unfortunately, it's also one of the easiest to arouse in people. The best way to control fear is to be able to think and rationalize. Remember when you were young and you had a fear of something silly, like the dark, or the "Monsters" under the bed or in the closet? We weren't able to think and rationalize that it was all in our head. There was nothing there but our imagination. Well as we got older that fear just went away (mostly :) ). Why? Well we were able to rationalize that nothing changes once the lights go out, it's still the same room with the same nothing there lurking for us.

Well, welcome to the United States 2010... It's taken decades, but we've dumbed down the schools where the kids don't learn a damn thing. Anytime something comes up in society the first thing we hear is, "What about the children?" But when budgets are cut, the first thing we cut is education FOR the children. How can we expect to continue to be a world leader if those that we are training to come after us are so ill prepared to take the wheel?

We don't value the future in this country because we don't value each other. Debate, Discussion, Facts, Truth, are no longer acceptable. It's not even about why you should vote FOR something, but rather, why you should FEAR something else. If you are made to fear something, it's human nature to do anything that you believe will keep what you fear from happening. Welcome to the "Post Racial" GOP! It's not about facts, or civility, or debate, or discussion, or truth, or even one bit of real compromise..... It's about Fear! You don't want to have a debate, you want to rule based on fear. Fear the Terrorists, Fear the Liberals, Fear the Gays, Fear the Government (which they desperately want to control), Fear the Blacks, Fear the Mexicans, Fear Big Government, Fear Socialism, Fear fear fear fear. And if you've made people consistently dumber and less able to critically think on their own, it's much much easier to accomplish this....

Terrorists hate us for our freedom. Liberals want to tell you how to live your life. Gays want to change your children. Government wants to take all your money. Blacks are going to rob and rape you, Socialism is coming like the Russians. Our President is Hitler. Our President isn't "One of US". Obama is a "radical". Obama Hates America. Obama is going to take OUR guns. I mean seriously...... There's a reason they keep the phrases no longer than 5 words. They don't want people to actually try to solve or think through this problem...

Now the new group to fear is Mexicans..... They take our jobs, they drain our resources, they bring over drugs, they behead people, they are nothing but a bunch of baby making machines who live off of welfare. And it's ONLY Obama who has let the border go unguarded. He hates America because he's letting all the tan people come in. News flash people. If you grew up anywhere near Mexico like I did, born and raised in San Diego, there have been Mexicans HERE, and coming over here legally and illegally, for decades, if not centuries. The GOP will have you believe that names like California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Jose, San Diego, etc...... are European. It's just plain stupid. But that's been the mission for decades.

Should there be a more secure border, absolutely. Should undocumented immigrants of all nations have to get on a path to citizenship or face deportation, YES. But let's look at the reality. How much BIG GOVERNMENT is it going to take to round up and find all these people? How much is it going to cost to go on a Black and Brown witch hunt? How KGB Communist would it be to go door to door and say, "Show me your papers?!?" How is that going to impact the labor industries of Construction and Agriculture? How opposite the American Ideal would that be? How much debate, thought, compromise, rationalizing, would that take? The answer is more than the average American is willing to put into it. Probably way more than the average American is ABLE to put into it.

You hear all the code words... "Not like people where I COME FROM", "Not MY America", "Not Main Street"..... News Flash, the America you talk about, the one the GOP wants you to think is "Real America" is getting smaller and smaller every day. There is a good portion of White America that is unwilling, unable, or unsettled by the REALITY that America is no longer White. And until those people are gone from media and government, we'll never be able to move forward, together, as Americans.

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