Monday, November 9, 2009

I want my Gatdayum Medicare NOW!!!

Well here we are, the showdown between Big "D" Democracy and Socialism. Freedom vs. Enslavement. Nazi America is at our door step, and that illegitimate Kenyan Manchurian Candidate Obama is going to take us over the edge. If you don't choose to think for yourself and have nothing better to do than follow the astroturf Tea-Party'ers, Crazy Right Wing-nuts, Michelle Bachmanns / Virginia Foxx's of the world.... then that's the America you live in.

However, if you're like most American's.... have 1/4 of a brain and use 1/2 of that (for those in the above mentioned paragraph, I'll give you time to do that math), you know that the America that we have become, compared to the America that our parents grew up in and that is promised to all those who struggle to come here legally and illegally, is a damn shame. Republicans AND Democrats have long sense sold out to the corporations and lobbyists whose money has bought and paid for the best legislation that money can buy. Banks have been allowed to become taxpayer insured craps tables for CEO's... Insurance companies have denied and/or slashed benefits to the sick and unfortunate victims of natural disasters... Credit Card Companies have been allowed to increase rates to those that the Mafia would consider outrageous. Education and Social Services have been slashed to the bone and oversight for programs have been gutted. Ronald Reagan boldly proclaimed that Government was the Problem, and was elected to two terms to serve and the "Slap Chop Salesman" allowing his peeps to kill it from the inside.

I'm so gatdayum sick and tired of listening ignorant ass Americans talk about how this "Government Run / Take over" of health care will, "Make life and death decisions for me..... Kill Grandma..... abort babies.... deny me care... have a "death panel"...etc...." I'm tired of paying for Medicare that I don't get. I'm tired of paying for public school that I have no children to attend. I'm tired of paying outrageous insurance premiums and at worst catching the flu every other year. Can I get a refund?!?! Fuck you very much is what I would expect to hear.

This is not about the Right or the Left.... the Pro Life or Pro Choice... Conservatives or Liberals... .. This is about RIGHT and WRONG. As a country that loves to laud itself as the beacon of freedom and the model for the rest of the world... it should be no wonder that elections are being stolen in Afghanistan and Politicians are indicted around the world. That's what we're about here! Pure Profit Motivation and the corruption that it breeds. The RIGHT, to adequate, quality, AFFORDABLE, Health Care should be agreed to by every single American out there. If you think the right to live or die is based upon your bank account, you are a sad excuse for a human being. AMERICANS, tax paying, hard working, citizens, should have the right to get well when they get sick. To have broken limbs fixed. Provided medication to cure ills. Encouraged to see physicians regularly if they are sick OR well, to find problems before it is too late. You know, PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE...... Americans shouldn't have to make a choice between getting well or going broke.

I pay for Congress to have 100% coverage at no cost? WHY? Those fucks are taking enough from the insurance companies alone to pay for their premiums. Big Pharma is nothing but a bunch of dope pushers with comfy offices. They push their dope with a list of side affects worse than the problem every day and night on television. Telling me, "Ask YOUR Doctor if _______ is right for you". Ask my Doctor? What the fuck am I paying him for if I'm doctoring myself? I should start collecting if that's the case. They push the free samples on you and oh man, it's great.... then after you get used to it... *BAM* now you gotta pay.... and you can't go back to not getting "high", so you pay..... Could they spend more time trying to actually come up with a cure, Sure.... but there's no money in a cure... the money is one the comeback. The "repeat" customer... the junkie... the addict...... If you actually use that 1/8th of a brain I'm talking about, and have 1/2 a soul... you should be pissed beyond comprehension right now and the state of Health Care in America. How we've treated our own people and allowed big business (AKA Fascism) to come into so much power, That's a reason to get mad.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She put the HO in Horrible taste, and a Recap of MJ's Memorial....

As most of you also did yesterday (except for my friends Kendra and Jolana who were holding golden tickets) I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial that was held at Staples Center in LA. Whoever was responsible for that program did a fantastic job and should immediately be given total control of Black Entertainment Television programming. Ok, I promise I'll try to leave BET out of the rest of my blog today.... So back to the service. The program was simply beautiful. The gravitas of those who were in the audience and on stage was mind blowing. Megastars from the world of music, entertainment, athletics, and politics, came out to pay respects to the undisputed king of pop. Songs were sung, poems read, speeches given, and with a touch of humanity never before bestowed upon Michael, his daughter said simply, "I miss my dad, and I love him". Don't lie my thuggish friends, even your bad ass got mushy seeing that.

Joe Jackson decided it was best to not promote his record label, apparently there is a shred of decency in him. Jermaine kept his Soul Glo', drip drip drip... I remembered that Marlon was the 5th Jackson 5. And Jesse Jackson was miraculously silent, Thank you Jesus! John Mayer turned Human Nature into a beautiful guitar instrumental (shout out to George Benson). Maya Angelou chose someone much less frightening to read her work. But to me, the BET moment of the service was Mariah Hoochiemama Carey, and her dress. Good Lawd!

Did you see this thing? If it was more low cut, you would have seen her belly button. A sleeveless number that would have done well on the red carpet, at the premiere of Glitter. What is this tramp thinking? Where are her true "girlfriends" saying, "Girl, fa'reals? You gonna wear THAT? It IS a Memorial, not Memorial Day!" And now she's apologizing for her "singing"? What a HO! Now, don't get me wrong.... She still looks good. I mean mental state aside, we know she is crazier than cat shit, no one can say they wouldn't hit that. But to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service? On Stage? No wonder you married Nick Cannon.

Say what you want to about Michael Jackson and the lifestyle he led and the choices he made throughout his life. Was it unusual, absolutely. Was it bizarre at times, sho' nuff. Did he literally transform in front of our very eyes? Undeniably. Here is a man who spent his ENTIRE LIFE, let me repeat, HIS ENTIRE LIFE, under a microscope so intense and a spotlight so bright, none of us could even begin to fathom. His talent and his gift as a showman, and musician, and entertainer, and philanthropist have made the planet a better place. This is unquestionable.

Martin Lawrence said it best, "When you rocking in Budapest, you are somebody!"

If you can make the Internet almost come to a crawl, I don't care what you say, You are definitely BAD!

Michael, we will miss you, and may you be resting peacefully.

Monday, June 29, 2009

20 Years Later.... Have we yet to "Do the Right Thing"???

Personally, I enjoy a television show, book, movie, song, etc.. that I have to listen to over and over. Those moments where you say to yourself, "Did he just say what I think he said?" When your mouth just drops and you become Chris Tucker in "Friday" Daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmn! Spike Lee has done that for me for years, starting with the first movie of his I saw in the theatres, "Do the Right Thing!" You knew from Public Enemy's Fight the Power, when Chuck D and Flav said, "Elvis.... he never mean shit to me, cause he's straight out racist the sucka was simple and plain, Motherfuck him and John Wayne", that this was one of those moments that would change the way you looked at the world.

So here we are in 2009, Barack Obama is the President of the United States, We've had 2 Black Secretary of State's, Tiger Woods is the most dominant golfer on the planet, Robin Thicke is bangin' out soulful hits and married to Paula Patton (deezam), Eminem spits hotter raps than 95% of the rap world, and mainstream America wants to proclaim this as the dawn of Post racial America. I say, it's the dawn of opportunity for America to confront and atone for it's racist foundations. The first step to beating your demons is to first admit them. So, USA, stand up and say, "Hi, I'm Uncle Sam, and I'm a racist". There are so many little things about Do the Right Thing that could be expanded upon. The characters are diverse, complex, conflicted, and most importantly, straddling the line of right and wrong. This great motion picture asks us all, are we doing the right thing? Racially, America has many miles to go. We don't live together, go to school together, play together, work together, like we should. We still don't strive to look at each other as individuals first. The inequities on the socioeconomic level are probably greater today than the injustices of the racially segregated past.

Say what you want about Spike Lee, but he makes you think and most importantly leaves you asking more questions than he provides answers. The world we live in is not a simple math problem. It isn't even a complex Lego set. 400+ years and 300 million people can't be healed and made better over night, not even over a generation. Like many other cultural and societal ills they are going to take thought, debate, discussion, cooperation, and most importantly a willingness to admit and apologize for wrongs on both sides. We can't blame "The Man" for keeping us down when we do a great job of being crabs in a barrel.

Now let's go listen to some Mister Senor Love Daddy We Love Radio and Chilllllllllll

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't get kidnapped if you're not White and cute......

First off, let me state for the record that I think Nancy Grace is a heartless beyotch! Now.....

Why is it that, where I first saw this story this morning, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, no where in the national media has this story been talked about? This poor child has been missing for more than a week. Gary IN isn't exactly in the sticks somewhere. Hell, I watch "The First 48" and the tag line is, "If cops want to solve their crime, the chances drop by over 1/2 if they don't have a lead in the first 48". I think it's extremely ironic that there was also a survey that came out today that says Black people don't feel like race relations have improved since Obama was elected President. DUH, did you think the nations first African American President would make the racists and biggots run and HIDE? I don't think so, Homey don't play that.

But back to my point, when a child goes missing, don't you need to stomp on that immediately? Get out APB's, descriptions, News Flashes, the internet, twitter, etc..... Hell, I'm about 9 hrs away in Nebraska, but that's less than a day's drive. CNN chooses to report this now? Nancy Grace, and her self serving, psudo prosecutorial ass immediately takes the stance that, "Well how well did you know your sitter? Does she drink, does she smoke? You took and passed a lie detector", she spends the whole time trying to make herself feel like she's fighting for the victim. That bitch is trying to make herself look good, period. Now if little Jada Justice was White, and holding a teddy bear, with cute little blonde hair and big blue eyes, I think we'd have a 24/7 manhunt for that little girl.

But we know that's not going to happen for little Jada. I've seen it too many times. Particularly with women of color. They get beat up by a husband, so what? They go missing? probably on the run from creditors. Child get's snatched, those nappy braids and berrets don't "move the meter" enough. Sorry, hope you find her. But Woman is in a trunk in philadelphia, just got carjacked by two negroes, please help! That was on MSNBC within several hours. Never mind that the crazy bitch took her and the child to Disneyworld and was tracked by her cellphone.

This country is a casserole of hypocracy, gender inequity, racial bigotry, and revisionism. We read the pledge, sing songs of freedom and equality, but the truth is most of us know better. When Chicago has over 30 Highschool kids killed in one school year, it's not a story. When it does make the news, oh they were just gang members. Wrong!

When we learn to value ALL our citizens, ALL our children, ALL people, equally. Maybe, just maybe, we can begin to judge other societies with a straight face.

Please, for Jada.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why did they have to be Black.... because it works....

I watched this yesterday morning and immediately thought, *cough*(Bullshit!). She was involved in a fender bender in Philly, and these 2 Black Males toss her in the trunk of a Cadillac? The only thing more stereotypical would have been to said they smelled like fried chicken and weed and the watermelon in the trunk was making it uncomfortable for her and her daughter.
But the hoax worked for a little while, The Husband was on MSNBC early yesterday morning pleading for their safety, but even he looked puzzled like he didn't believe it.

But why did this make it to the news so fast? I mean a little investigative reporting would have solved this crap. Who kidnaps a woman and child because of a minor accident? Who kidnaps someone and leaves them with their cellphone? Really? C'mon man. But when a White Woman and child are in alleged danger at the hands of the Black Man, call in the National Guard and pull over every Black man you can find..... In Philadelphia..... driving a Cadillac. That task would have taken a week alone, I've seen 10 on "Parking Wars" over the last 2 episodes.

Remember Charles Stuart, the man in Boston who shot his wife and himself and sent police on a Black manhunt. He picked a man named Willie Bennet out of a lineup and only because his brother turned on him, did the case collapse and Stuart eventually committed suicide. People prey and feed upon that fear of Black men and the media takes the bait hook line and sinker. When poor little Natalie Holloway went missing in Aruba, the first two arrests were Black security guards. You put a White Women in harms way and a Black suspect, you get a Nancy Grace wet dream. I hope she's made to answer and explain her fear mongering and apologize.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abortion Torture, You gotta love a conservative unicameral....

Today, the Nebraska legislature voted to make sure that women seeking to have an abortion, "have the opportunity to see the sonogram" of the fetus. Now first off, let me state for the record that as a male, I feel like I have no relevant opinion on the abortion issue. I can not become pregnant and therefore I will never be in a position to have to make the decision of terminating a pregnancy or not. This can not be an easy decision for any woman. The physical and emotional trauma that it must take on the female body is nothing any man can fathom. So then why, in a largely male dominated government is the issue of abortion so important? If this had anything to do with the penis, it would be off the table, period.

So why intrude government in this procedure? Oh by the way miss, you gotta look at this before we conclude. WHY? Is this supposed to eliminate abortions? The Conservative Right really hates Women and Homosexuals. They protect the rights of unborn children, but want to execute criminals? Does that make sense to anyone? They say children do so much better in homes with a loving family environment, but think homosexuals are attacking the "sanctity" of marriage. No you idiot, divorce, alcohol, abuse, and that new secretary at work are attacking the "sanctity" of marriage. Gay couples can raise a straight child, but that's another topic for discussion....

The Right loves to punish, but doesn't offer any solutions. They want all these babies, but don't want to provide a nickles worth of social services for them. You never hear about abortions in affluent areas, like rich kids don't screw (Bristol Palin anyone?). If you're going to show the woman the sonogram, are you also going to show her the statistics on unwed mothers? The lack of educational opportunities, cost of prenatal care, tremendous support from friends and family, missed opportunities to learn, grow, and be a kid? If the woman is an adult, is the pregnancy planned, does she even want children? This isn't deciding between a Big Mac and a Quarter pounder.

It's about the opportunity for a woman to have the choice, plain and simple. Provide people education, knowledge, resources. Help them make informed decisions. Don't throw pictures in their faces and make them out to be bad people. Don't judge, educate, and maybe we can work together to create to eliminate the demand for abortions.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brown vs. Board of "Tradition"

It is 2009 right? I mean, I still enjoy watching "Eyes On The Prize" and reading about the Marches, Protests, Sit-Ins, and leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. America wants to put their history behind them, especially the bad stuff. Even with the historic election of President Barack Obama, many parts of this country aren't so fast to open their front doors and let the "outsider" in. They will accept the fact that the must go to school together, if there's no affordable or viable private option. But they'll be dammed if their Son or Daughter mingle with "their kind".

Enter Montgomery County High School in Georgia. There, the kids go to school together, play sports together, even date each other, albeit in the shadows of their parents permission. But Prom Night, 2009, just like every other year since 1971 when the school integrated, the Black's and White's held their Prom's separate from each other. Why? "It's just the way it's always been". Why? It seems they have interracial couples at the school. Many "BFFs" are of different races. So why can't they have a Prom together? Schools are places of learning, most of it is outside the classroom walls. It's where you learn to share, solve conflicts, treat others as you want to be treated, how to make friends, how to overcome heartache. Home is where you can either have school reinforced, or un-learned. Home is where you are told, "Don't talk to THEM" "Don't go out with THEM" "Don't go to THAT part of town".

Tradition is what most racist and bigots hide behind when it's convenient. Ask them a question on camera, and they're happy to have an African American as President. They will readily offer up the fact that they have one or two Black people they consider as "Friends". Black folk will proudly boast of their integrated lives. But if their son or daughter wants to bring one of "them" home or, God forbid, have their arm around "them" in a formal photo. That's not what "good" boys and girls do.

The Parents of Montgomery County GA should be ashamed. Ashamed that their kids, in 2009, are still being anchored in the "Good Ole days". Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education mandated that Separate but Equal is not what it claims to be. Children must be educated in the same classrooms from the same teachers. If only that lesson could be taken home with them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is there any honor or honesty in Washington.......

First off let me state for the record, I am not in favor or, suggesting or, encouraging anyone to do what the former S. Korean President did. Now......

The moment any government official or politician, local, state, or federal admits to wrong doing BEFORE some reporter or investigation into their shady deeds will be the first. In fact, I'm willing to go on record and say the first one to do it will get a $100 personal donation to their reelection fund from me. There's all kinds of scandals going on around the country, I'll list a few off the top of my head:

  • The Texas Sheriff who was seizing money and jewels from minorities for 2mph over traffic stops.

  • Haliburton / KBR

  • The Regan/Bush/Clinton/Bush Administrations (as long as I've been alive)

  • Marion Berry (That Bitch set me up)

  • Larry Craig (footsie in the men's room)

  • Mark Foley (congressional page misconduct)

  • Randal "Duke" Cunningham

  • William J. Jefferson (hiding the money in the freezer)

I could go on and on with the help of wikipedia and google but you get the point. Power and money corrupt, and City Halls, State Capitals, and Washington D.C. are flush with both. If this is truly "Public Service" then it's a complete oxymoron to have lobbyists and big business controlling who gets elected and what laws and policies are enacted. People want to bitch and complain that politicians are corrupt, the entire SYSTEM is corrupt.

Bush, Obama, the far left and right, All paid for and beholden to something. The reason you can't drink tap water, have poisoned air, and soil, can't smoke marijuana but drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, can legally buy an assault rifle to "hunt", can't afford to get sick or get cured, pay $6000 for a government toilet seat, billions in bailouts going to greedy bonuses, etc....

.... and through it all, no one goes to jail, no one is held accountable, no one has to answer the tough question. No one faces the music with any dignity or self respect. They get in, get paid, get caught, and fade away to a life of free healthcare and speaking / book gigs. So the former S. Korean President got caught, and he sadly took his own life. But at least he said he'd done to much to go on. Hurt too many people to look himself in the mirror with respect and sense of honor. How many stories have you read recently about Asian CEO's and Government officials resigning amid scandals and dishonor? Even if the answer is ONE, it's more than here.

Take the pay and incredible compensation away from these so-called "public servants". If it's so great to represent the people, the do that for free. Take away the PAC's and Lobbyists, the absurd amounts of money needed in our current system to even get elected. Represent the people, and the money. Every morning from now on, wake up and look yourself in the mirror Mr. and Mrs. Public Servant, and ask yourself, "Who do I represent, and do I do it with Honor and dignity" But then again, they'll probably lie when they answer that too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

All in the Family.......

First obvious question, What qualifies her to be on TV and be some kind of spokesperson for this illegal shit? Ok, now for the rant.......

Is this not the very reason that the world looks at the United States as that spoiled child in the grocerie store who pulls all kinds of crap off the shelves when they don't get their way? The one that sits in front of the shopping cart, screaming at the top of their lungs because Mommy won't buy 25lbs of gummi worms. When the only person you can throw out in the media to defend you is your own flesh and blood, it's time to go away.

You gotta respect their gumption though. Remember when Eddie Murphy "Raw" said that, as long as you keep repeating the same bullshit, at some point she might actually believe that her own eyes deceived her and, "Hey, it wasn't me". If you keep calling TORTURE "Enhanced Interrigation Techniques" the media will repeat it and you'll read it, and hear it time and time again where you really believe that there is a difference. At first, "We Don't Touture", then it was, "We had to act because of a pending attack".... Sound familar? We were going to find Osama "Dead or Alive", then it was the "Mushroom Clouds of Weapons of Mass Destruction", then it was freedom from evil dictators (Who were kind enough to pose for pictures with Bush 41 and Rumsfeld in the 80s). Then it became, "Well, I really don't think about Bin Laden that much anymore."

PEOPLE!!!! This shit isn't that hard to figure out. They got a briefing in August about, Hijacking airplanes and using them as weapons, a month later, 9/11. On the Morning of 9/11, President Alfred E. Bush waited for 7 minutes after being told we were under attack to get his stupid ass out of an elementary school classroom. Less than 6 weeks later the USA PATRIOT Act was passed. This is no coincidence or accident. Do you think all this was created after 9/11? Please, The Neo-Cons had all this ready to go, they just needed the reason and climate to force feed it to the public. (How many of your parents took Castor Oil as a kid because the Dr. said so?) The Nation practicaly gave their civil liberties to the government and it went down like pudding. So what's next? Well let's get rid of Saddam because if we don't, he may drop the goods on us about all the chemical weapons we gave him in the 80s. Not to mention all the oil we can loot. DONE, one problem. None of the Hijackers were Iraqi, 17 were from Saudi Arabia, and we surely aren't doing anything to the 2nd cousins of Bush. So how do we sell this load of shit? We tell the scared public Saddam did it. Couple problems there, The UN might have a problem with it? that's easy, send in the loyal colored cabinet man with our load of power point slides and ice cream truck / ICBM launchers and mushroom clouds and WMD and that pill will go down too. DONE.

So we go in, bomb the shit out of Iraq, but find nothing. Damnit! We need a shred of evidence or the world isn't going to take our medicine. Enter Darth Cheney, "Beat it out of them", do what you gotta, our crack legal team will make it so. But Mr. Cheney sir, now they won't say anything. Do it, again! and again, and again, and again, x 183. And still nothing. Extend the soilders tours of duty, sure, shorten their time home with family, why the hell not, knowing lie to the people about a former NFL Player turned Ranger's death in Afghanistan until the media tells the truth, damn skippy! Bush, Rumsfeld, Addington, Yoo, and Co., they were happy to run out the clock, get out of office and move on, but Vice President Asshole, who never served a day in his life, still plays the fear card and still believes that if you beat the shit outta someone, they will eventually tell you the truth.

Prosecute all of them as far as I'm concerned. If they authorized it, attempted to legalize it, or knew about it and stood by doing nothing, they are all culpable. But like most other things, some unknowing soilder just following orders is the bad guy and the real criminals go unpunished.

God Bless All the brave men and women who have volunteered for the US Armed Services and may they all come home to a heroic welcome home celebration.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stupidity of the week

After you watch this, you have to say to yourself, What the FUCK! This chick can't even keep her legs closed for a national CNN interview. What ever happened to personal responsibility and accountability? When you went to school, you KNEW that you had no underwear on. When the camera man said, "Cheese", didn't you give one thought to the fact that you're little va-jay-jay and hiding it from the camera?

Girl please, you learned a lesson, and just be thankful you're not on the internet getting passed around by the football team. According to the school district, they can't for sure tell even if it's an "exposure" or not. And if you're so embarassed, why go national with it? Your mama should have smacked you silly and taken you to the store to buy some draws. But looking at her, it's not like the fruit falls far from the tree. I'll be looking for this "model family" on Maury very soon. "...Today on Maury, "My mama took my boyfriend and will do it again"" Gotta love trash.

Is the GOP and the Terrified Left not the most common sense lacking bunch of blowhards you ever heard? Of COURSE they aren't going to be running the streets of Des Moines or Minneapolis or Paducha or ____________ USA. Just because you close Git-Mo, doesn't mean these prisoners go free. But Bush and Co. created it, and when they realized that Americans weren't afraid anymore and that they couldn't waterboard 'em all into confessing a bogus link between Iraq and Osama, they said, "Fuck It!" let 'em sit there and let the next administration deal with it. And the ran out the clock like a Dean Smith 4-Corners offense. Now that the GOP doesn't have the run of Washington, they can complain and scare again and take no responsibility.

Fact is they haven't been able to bring a credible charge based on real evidence against any of them. Once the fear and intimidation from the administration went away, the J.A.G's were able to stop most of the show trials. We've got supermax prisons all over the country, and if we are the "rule of law" nation we claim to be, we'll put together a trial and convict all the so-called terrorists and lock 'em up in prison. But the reality is we paid bountys to lawless vigilanties in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan to "turn in Terrorists" and most of these guys were just wrong place wrong time victims. Cheney and his hand puppet G-Dub made this mess and said "Fuck it" when it all went bad. Now someone's gotta clean up the mess.

What makes us safer? Imprisioning persons indefinitely without charges or a day in court on foriegn soil and having a Global showcase of the Hypocracy of Democracy that is the United States of America. Or, for once, showing the world that we are a nation of laws and we will stand up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, much like what the "Superfriends" taught me on Saturday mornings.