Monday, November 9, 2009

I want my Gatdayum Medicare NOW!!!

Well here we are, the showdown between Big "D" Democracy and Socialism. Freedom vs. Enslavement. Nazi America is at our door step, and that illegitimate Kenyan Manchurian Candidate Obama is going to take us over the edge. If you don't choose to think for yourself and have nothing better to do than follow the astroturf Tea-Party'ers, Crazy Right Wing-nuts, Michelle Bachmanns / Virginia Foxx's of the world.... then that's the America you live in.

However, if you're like most American's.... have 1/4 of a brain and use 1/2 of that (for those in the above mentioned paragraph, I'll give you time to do that math), you know that the America that we have become, compared to the America that our parents grew up in and that is promised to all those who struggle to come here legally and illegally, is a damn shame. Republicans AND Democrats have long sense sold out to the corporations and lobbyists whose money has bought and paid for the best legislation that money can buy. Banks have been allowed to become taxpayer insured craps tables for CEO's... Insurance companies have denied and/or slashed benefits to the sick and unfortunate victims of natural disasters... Credit Card Companies have been allowed to increase rates to those that the Mafia would consider outrageous. Education and Social Services have been slashed to the bone and oversight for programs have been gutted. Ronald Reagan boldly proclaimed that Government was the Problem, and was elected to two terms to serve and the "Slap Chop Salesman" allowing his peeps to kill it from the inside.

I'm so gatdayum sick and tired of listening ignorant ass Americans talk about how this "Government Run / Take over" of health care will, "Make life and death decisions for me..... Kill Grandma..... abort babies.... deny me care... have a "death panel"...etc...." I'm tired of paying for Medicare that I don't get. I'm tired of paying for public school that I have no children to attend. I'm tired of paying outrageous insurance premiums and at worst catching the flu every other year. Can I get a refund?!?! Fuck you very much is what I would expect to hear.

This is not about the Right or the Left.... the Pro Life or Pro Choice... Conservatives or Liberals... .. This is about RIGHT and WRONG. As a country that loves to laud itself as the beacon of freedom and the model for the rest of the world... it should be no wonder that elections are being stolen in Afghanistan and Politicians are indicted around the world. That's what we're about here! Pure Profit Motivation and the corruption that it breeds. The RIGHT, to adequate, quality, AFFORDABLE, Health Care should be agreed to by every single American out there. If you think the right to live or die is based upon your bank account, you are a sad excuse for a human being. AMERICANS, tax paying, hard working, citizens, should have the right to get well when they get sick. To have broken limbs fixed. Provided medication to cure ills. Encouraged to see physicians regularly if they are sick OR well, to find problems before it is too late. You know, PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE...... Americans shouldn't have to make a choice between getting well or going broke.

I pay for Congress to have 100% coverage at no cost? WHY? Those fucks are taking enough from the insurance companies alone to pay for their premiums. Big Pharma is nothing but a bunch of dope pushers with comfy offices. They push their dope with a list of side affects worse than the problem every day and night on television. Telling me, "Ask YOUR Doctor if _______ is right for you". Ask my Doctor? What the fuck am I paying him for if I'm doctoring myself? I should start collecting if that's the case. They push the free samples on you and oh man, it's great.... then after you get used to it... *BAM* now you gotta pay.... and you can't go back to not getting "high", so you pay..... Could they spend more time trying to actually come up with a cure, Sure.... but there's no money in a cure... the money is one the comeback. The "repeat" customer... the junkie... the addict...... If you actually use that 1/8th of a brain I'm talking about, and have 1/2 a soul... you should be pissed beyond comprehension right now and the state of Health Care in America. How we've treated our own people and allowed big business (AKA Fascism) to come into so much power, That's a reason to get mad.