Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She put the HO in Horrible taste, and a Recap of MJ's Memorial....

As most of you also did yesterday (except for my friends Kendra and Jolana who were holding golden tickets) I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial that was held at Staples Center in LA. Whoever was responsible for that program did a fantastic job and should immediately be given total control of Black Entertainment Television programming. Ok, I promise I'll try to leave BET out of the rest of my blog today.... So back to the service. The program was simply beautiful. The gravitas of those who were in the audience and on stage was mind blowing. Megastars from the world of music, entertainment, athletics, and politics, came out to pay respects to the undisputed king of pop. Songs were sung, poems read, speeches given, and with a touch of humanity never before bestowed upon Michael, his daughter said simply, "I miss my dad, and I love him". Don't lie my thuggish friends, even your bad ass got mushy seeing that.

Joe Jackson decided it was best to not promote his record label, apparently there is a shred of decency in him. Jermaine kept his Soul Glo', drip drip drip... I remembered that Marlon was the 5th Jackson 5. And Jesse Jackson was miraculously silent, Thank you Jesus! John Mayer turned Human Nature into a beautiful guitar instrumental (shout out to George Benson). Maya Angelou chose someone much less frightening to read her work. But to me, the BET moment of the service was Mariah Hoochiemama Carey, and her dress. Good Lawd!

Did you see this thing? If it was more low cut, you would have seen her belly button. A sleeveless number that would have done well on the red carpet, at the premiere of Glitter. What is this tramp thinking? Where are her true "girlfriends" saying, "Girl, fa'reals? You gonna wear THAT? It IS a Memorial, not Memorial Day!" And now she's apologizing for her "singing"? What a HO! Now, don't get me wrong.... She still looks good. I mean mental state aside, we know she is crazier than cat shit, no one can say they wouldn't hit that. But to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service? On Stage? No wonder you married Nick Cannon.

Say what you want to about Michael Jackson and the lifestyle he led and the choices he made throughout his life. Was it unusual, absolutely. Was it bizarre at times, sho' nuff. Did he literally transform in front of our very eyes? Undeniably. Here is a man who spent his ENTIRE LIFE, let me repeat, HIS ENTIRE LIFE, under a microscope so intense and a spotlight so bright, none of us could even begin to fathom. His talent and his gift as a showman, and musician, and entertainer, and philanthropist have made the planet a better place. This is unquestionable.

Martin Lawrence said it best, "When you rocking in Budapest, you are somebody!"

If you can make the Internet almost come to a crawl, I don't care what you say, You are definitely BAD!

Michael, we will miss you, and may you be resting peacefully.