Thursday, January 28, 2010

The REAL State of the Union, If I was President.....

My Fellow Americans.

It is 2010, 10 years into the new millennium. 10 years ago we believed that the electronic mechanisms that were so woven into our daily lives would collapse upon us and send us into a panic and chaos. Today, more than ever before, we use computers, electronic devices, and information technology to allow us to communicate like Capt. Kirk. We are able to do more from our homes than ever before. We can email, text, IM, around the globe. And yet through all of this, we've somehow lost something.

We've traded face to face conversation and hand shakes for "Facebook" and "LOL" "BFFs" and "BRB". We've allowed our quest for the latest and the greatest to consume us as a culture. Do not mistake this for a "War on Technology". I am a Blackberry addict, and I, more than anyone miss Brick breaker too. But there is a greater point. We as Americans have lost something with one another.

I remember growing up as a young man from San Diego CA, and visiting my Grandmother in Camden South Carolina. A small town, southern town, just like many across this great nation. And I remember sitting on the porch with her and just rocking in the metal chairs on her front porch. Every so often a car would drive down the street and the driver would give my Grandmother the "Hi, How you doing, take care, God Bless you, all in one" waive of the hand. All of that in about one second. Over and over, cars would pass, and with that motion, all you needed to know about my Grandmother, and that town, was in that waive.

People walking down the street would speak. "Hi Mrs. Boykin", "Hey da'lin" she would reply. That's it, no long conversations for the most part. But that, by itself, was more than enough. People knew one another. They knew your name, your face, where you lived, what was going on in your life, and they cared. We cared for one another. We've lost a part of that in America, and we need to begin to get it back.

I believe it starts right here. Right now. In this great hall of Democracy. Where our Founding Fathers once held the belief that I was property. Where Women were excluded from participating in America. Where we have come together to amend the very document that formed our Union 27 times. Where we as a Nation have come together to continually shape and mold our framework, but always under the rock solid foundation of Freedom, Justice, and Equality. So to start, before I go any further, I ask that each member of Congress stand up, and find a new seat, Senators next to House members, Republicans next to Democrats, Bernie and Joe, you may fill in the gaps (applause and laughter). It is time for actions to speak louder than words, and as YOUR elected leaders and representatives, WE set the bar.


Five years ago I stated that there is not a Black America, or a White America, there is only one America. There is not a Red America or a Blue America, but a United States of America. Our need to embrace that fact is no greater than now. Our differences should not push us apart. We should us them to find common ground as Americans. This is not about Left and Right, but Right and Wrong.

We may not agree on Health Care, but we must agree that our current system that puts the health and well being of millions of hard working Americans against the profits of Insurance Companies is Wrong.

We may not agree on Abortion, but we must work together to not only protect the reproductive rights of women. We must work together through education and information to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies and maintain the protections of those women who, through faith, deliberation, counseling, and family, decide how THEY want to proceed with THEIR right to control their bodies.

We may not agree on HOW we fight the "War with Al Queda", but we absolutely can not question our love for our country or our desire to protect our citizens. We may not agree with the when or the why we ask our solders to be willing to lay down their life so that we can continue to live free. But not providing them the best care during and after their service to our country is abhorrently wrong. Asking them to pay the ultimate sacrifice while sacrificing the means in which we ask them to take that risk is criminal. Doing so is tantamount to Treason, and unquestionably WRONG.

We as the representatives of the American People must remember that fact. Recently the Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are persons for the purpose of participating in our elections. For far too long we have allowed the rules of lobbying and influence of lobbyists eat away at the ethics and morality of each and every one of us. Now that the Supreme Court has made this ruling, we have one moment, one chance, a crucial opportunity in the History of the United States and perhaps the World..... A duty to those that we serve, to return to the proper role of Government in our capitalist society. Our negligence in this role brought our country to the brink of economic ruin. Our immoral behavior has given the people just reason to have no faith, no confidence, no trust in the people in this room. In that, we should all look down in shame, and reflect upon the faces we see in our towns and cities across the Nation. The stories we hear, tales of incredible plight, but also of wonderful blessings of what it means to an American. We must be the caretakers of this Country. It's People, It's Resources, It's real value. We must work to provide equal opportunities for our citizens and our businesses. We must provide a framework for fair and just taxation. We can not provide a system that creates loopholes and incentives for people and business to gain extraordinary wealth at the expense of unjustly compensated labor, and then compound that injustice with avoiding just taxation or job reinvestment. It is not in the best interest of the United States to be a nation of only business owners and product consumers. We must be a nation of creators, innovators, builders, buyers, and responsible owners. We must be a nation that once again believes that I am my brother and my sisters keeper.

I'm calling upon each of you in the room, from this moment forward, to remember your oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. To work FOR We the People. To once again be able to look those you represent in the eye, sit on their porch, make a promise that you will take that concern back to this body and work your Red White and Blue ASS off to try to make their world a better place for them. If all of us in here take that oath, make that promise and come together, as Americans, we WILL leave this office better than we found it, we WILL make this country a better place, and we WILL stand together, and we will be A More Perfect Union. Good night America, We've all got work in the morning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Even I didn't think some people could use a Natural Disaster to further their agenda.... WRONG!

First of all, if you are able to donate or assist in the relief efforts for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti please click here for a list of organizations and contact information. Any money, time, or items are desparately needed. Haiti was in dire need BEFORE this earthquake, but now more than ever needs your help.

It takes a special kinda someone to look for a way to exploit any and everything to their advantage. The kinda guy that would take the death of his best friend as an opening to sleep with his wife. The skanks that look in the Obituary section to find some rich old man to marry and take his fortune. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint. If I get change for a $20 when I paid with a $10, I may not always give it back. I'm sure that I have some small sins still left to pay for. But never, in a lifetime, would I look to take a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, and turn it into an opportunity to achieve a goal or push an agenda.

Then again, I'm not Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson. Haiti, one of the poorest nations on the planet, was struck a little less than 48 hours ago by a 7.0 earthquake and dozens of smaller aftershocks which have taken a country of limited infrastructure and human resources and simply turned it into ruins. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people are dead or dying. The physical houses of government are destroyed. What access there was to food, water, and medical resources, cut off. A modern day Pompeii. These people are not Liberals or Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, Christians or Muslims, none of that matters. They are HUMAN BEINGS. That's it, end of discussion. They need help, and the United States and it's incredible wealth and resources are, as it should be, springing into action to aid.

But not so fast my friend. Let's start with Pat Robertson. He thinks it high and mighty of him to say that the people of Haiti, who at the time were enslaved by the French, made a deal with the Devil, and the Devil helped them liberate themselves. But since this "deal" or because of it, they have been made to suffer repeatedly. So until they get right with "God", they will continue to suffer. So piss on you people, you are getting what you deserve because you made this "pact with the devil". Pat Robertson, I hope on your upcoming journey to judgement, just before you take your VIP seat in Hell, you get right with Haitians that "brought on" this disaster and the residents of New Orleans that "deserved the wrath" of Katrina.

Then again, if you're Rush Limbaugh, this is just another case of President Obama and his liberal, soft on Terror, agenda. Presidents, as they all should do, unless you like your major city disaster from 10,000 feet above and several days later, spring to action in times of crisis. On 12/25 some dumbass recently "radicalized" decided to try to use his Hanes as an explosive device. However swift action on the part of the passengers averted a terrible tragedy and all the passengers of that flight landed safely. So to take a couple days to figure out what ACTUALLY happened and what EXACTLY went wrong in the security chain and then make HONEST remarks to the American people seems like the Presidential thing to me. but Oooooohhhhhh No!

Apparently President Obama took less than 24 hours to make comments and commitments of aid and resources to Haiti and Haitians because his poll numbers with Dark Skinned African Americans had slipped into an approval rating of the low 98th percent. Not because he breathes oxygen and has a conscience. Not because he has a soul. Not because it's his duty as the leader of the free world. No, that's soft ass liberal wussyness. Because he doesn't jump in front of a camera and start screaming like Tom Ridge that the sky is falling, he's a punk.

No Mr. Limbaugh, it's called leadership. Some things in the world happen and aren't to be used for exploitation. Sometimes things happen that remind us that we are all connected a human beings. Sometimes our eyes aren't able to remind our souls how fortunate some of us are to have so many luxuries that we take for granted. It's not socialism to lend a helping hand. It's not Communism to ask that those with the most, give to those in need. It's called being human and having a soul. Even when the Grinch took all the possessions of Whoville and waited to take joy in their misery, he soon learned that what they loved most was not under a tree, but in their hearts and souls.

I may not attend church, but I learn a lot more from Dr. Seuss than I ever would from these two assholes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sen. McCain, you can avoid answering questions, but we all know the truth.....

We all remember the campaign of 2008. Even the Democrats couldn't fuck this up. George W. Bush was ready to officially start his vacation which he began 7 years earlier. The economy was in the dumps. Two occupations, err undeclared wars, had taken their toll in blood and national debt, and yielded no relative results. And the party in control for 6 of the previous 7 years and turned a budget surplus in record debt could only say, "Oh yeah, well they will only make it worse".

I don't know why we keep asking the obvious questions, but I suppose we want eventually want them all to just fess up and tell the truth (Insert the last 5 years of Mark McGwire's life here). I always like to tell people that first and foremost, I believe that most politicians, especially those in Washington, have long since lost their once altruistic goals of making the country a better place and have sold their souls to the Lobbyists for a lifetime of salary and free health care. That I can accept. Kinda like swallowing liver and okra. I will hate it, but I can stomach it. What really gets me is the hypocrisy. The ducking and dodging of basic questions. The ability to hold up an apple, shiny and red, and attempt to tell you that it's a banana. To look people in the eye and tell them one thing, do another, and then look back at the video evidence of their previous statements, and then not skip a beat and turn into Obi Won Kenobi and convince you "These aren't the droids you're looking for".

Well I'm no dumb ass Stormtrooper, and bitch, that's an apple! Look, John McCain once stood for something. He was a POW. Spent years in a bamboo cage and endured things I don't want to imagine. Sure he was a Republican, but that was when they would tolerate a difference of opinion. You could be Pro-Choice and still be in the GOP. You could believe the earth was round and that evolution wasn't akin to heresy. But, like all those who drink the Congressional Kool Aid, he too was broken. Not by Vietnamese captors, but the allure of being POTUS.

But how was he going to win. When things are in the shitter, and your party put it there, the only answer is push that lever and flush. You had a young, handsome, African American man with a made for TV life story. He was part Kenyan, part Kansan, All-American. He spoke and didn't giggle, and didn't hunch over and look like the father of Dr. Evil. He was married to a beautiful African American woman who was also educated, and had two kids, AFTER being Married. I mean damn. John McCain must have felt like ABC and CBS did during the mid 80s on Thursday nights at 8pm.

So here you are, sitting with your handlers watching this man give a speech to 80,000 people in person and millions across the world. He's talking about uniting the country, bringing change to a place that needed it more than Stewie on Family Guy. He's Tiger Woods (prior to Thanksgiving 09) and you are Bushwood CC. What do you do? I'm sure this isn't' EXACTLY how it went down, but I'm willing to bet that in a civil court of law, I'd be free and clear.

"Damn, we need to make a splash" "Big Splash"

"Senator McCain, we need to stop this momentum now. Can you deliver a speech like that?"

"Uhhhhh hee hee, I can, but the arm movements will be a little tough"

"Damn it... well we still haven't announced our VP. Can Joe Lieberman deliver the goods?"

"Joe couldn't deliver a primary win in his own party"

"Sheeeeeeeeeit! WTF are we gonna do?!? Well, we've gotta get some non-white male votes"

"Old White males"

"Think we can get some of "The Bitches" disgruntled supporters?"

"Oh yeah, we forgot about women! Brilliant! Brilliant (pop two Guinness's)"

"Who? Where?" "Oh there's that hot Gov. AK Palin"

"Oh yeah, The WILF from Wassilla"

"What's her deal? well I see here 36-32..... No No No damnit.... Her Bio!"

"Oh, well let's see. Ahhh she's was once Mayor of Mayberry, er uh Wasilla AK. Former 2nd runner up Miss Alaska (lost to Rocky J Squirrel). Current Governor Alaska. Mother of 4, did I mention she's not bad on the eyes? Good, Because I think Cindy McCain just fell over again"

"What about knowledge, background, is she up to speed on our Domestic Agenda?"

"She can see Russia from her house?!?"

"Good enough"

"Brilliant, BRILLIANT!!!"

....... So Senator McCain, do you believe you properly vetted Sarah Palin?

Monday, January 11, 2010

When Republican's start calling something "Racist" you just gotta laugh!

The recent revelation that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the comment that, then Sen. Barack Obama, had an advantage because of his "light-skinned" and lack of a "Negro dialect" has sent many of the GOP and far right into a tizzy calling for his resignation as Senate Majority Leader. (pause 5 sec for laugh track) They are attempting to use the example of former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott as justification. (pause for as long as you need here as well).

Let's just look at Trent Lott's comments for a moment. He said that, if Strom Thurmond has been elected president, we wouldn't have had all these problems over the years. FYI, Strom Thurmond ran his campaign based largely on strict racial segregation. But at the same time fathered a child by an African American woman. I guess Thurmond wanted his segregation and ate it too. (Ok, bad joke moving on) To make the statement that if a segregationist president would have avoided "today's problems" is in no uncertain terms, a racist statement. There was no getting around it, period. When you build your political track record on opposition of a National MLK Holiday and vote against the continuation of the Civil Rights Act, you're foundation is pretty clear.

Now let's look at what current Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said. In context, his comments are reflective on our nation as a whole more so than him as an individual. Now we can debate all you want about his choice of words, but comparing him to Lott is a joke. How many older Black folks do you know still use the word "Negro"? For me, quite a few. Hell, it's still on the US census as a choice for that fact alone. "Negro Dialect", I would argue that it's probably as good a way as any to describe the ebonics / ghetto slang / Hood-speak, that he was referring to. And who can really argue against what he was saying in the first place? Of course Obama was tremendously by being a very gifted speaker. His fair complexion was surely more palatable to main stream America. His beautiful Black wife and children fit the image of Black people in America that White America finds acceptable. (Note: if Obama had married a White woman and had a daughter who was knocked up by the local hockey stud, he wouldn't be on the local school board). So as a matter of context, Reid spoke the truth.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy, the GOP is shrinking due to it's lack of inclusive language, ideals, and ability to include a broad range of opinions and values. Seriously? An old White man uses the term "Negro" and the "Negro" that it's directed towards doesn't even blink, end of story. But Noooooo, they want to cry foul and scream to high heaven that "Liberal Elites" (continue laugh track here) have a double standard. The fact of the matter is when you have a positive track record and a big tent party that is much more accepting of diverse people, values, and viewpoints, you're able to get past a poor choice of words for what they are. But when you have no diversity in your party, it's easy for ignorance and hypocrisy to prevail because no one is around to tell you, "Whooooaaaa Whooooaaaa hang on a sec....."

Comparing the comments of Lott and Reid is like comparing Steak and Tofu. You can try to make them both look and taste alike, but one bite, and it's not even the Pepsi Challenge. If I was a republican, the LAST thing I'd want to do is start calling someone else a racist, but that's just me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lie Lie Lie until they stop calling you on it and *ta daaaaa* it becomes the truth.

They've said that history is written by the victors, and for the most part, that is the truth. I mean the word itself is HIS-Story. Not THE-Story. It's always been about being on message. Columbus "discovered" a Continent that was already inhabited, yet we the sheep, honor this "discoverer" for being today's equivalent of a Katrina land scavenger. There are always 3 sides to a story. The perspective of the 2 participants and the facts. The problem we're having today is that basic undeniable FACTS can't even come out the mouth straight.

Take Rudy "9/11" Giuliani. This morning, this bastard has the nerve to come on ABC's GMA and have the following words come out of his mouth, "We had no domestic attacks under Bush, we've had one under Obama". This is the same bullshit Dana Perino said several weeks back on Fox News. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT! This is a coordinated attempt to not just BEND the truth, but simply shit on the Memory of those who've perished on 9/11/01 and subsequently died fighting for the global economic TERRORISTS we call Wall Street. It is not about differing viewpoints, it is about strategically stoking the fears of Americans to further the Imperialistic Agenda of an elite few. Period! If you believe otherwise, then you have to admit that people who make these kinds of verbal shit-stains should no long be given any sort of forum and should immediately apologize for being idiots and be sentenced to writing, "I will no long get on television and tell lies about our country" until the take their last breath and die.

We can disagree, debate, discuss, all kinds of viewpoints. Have differing opinions on all kinds of subjects. How to fix the economy, abortion, health care, military use, racism, etc... I welcome it. It's what makes America a great nation. But I be DAMNED if George Stephenopolis collect another pay check and call himself a "journalist" if he, or any other "journalist" not stand up and IMMEDIATELY call Rudy 9/11 on this outright lie. I would understand if this 2 time divorced confirmed adulturer on city property was born and raised..... let's just say, in a jungle village in the Amazon and never had communication with the outside world. Better yet, frozen like Paulie Shore in "Encino Man", but that asshole was the MAYOR of NEW YORK CITY on September 11th!

I mean seriously!!! C'mon America. This is the kind of Treasonous shit I'd expect from a 5 time Vietnam draft deferment, hypocrite of a human, former Vice President who refused to testify under oath about 9/11, maggot of dog shit, otherwise known as Dick Cheney. Or the spawn of his creation daughter who wouldn't know the truth if it came from her own vagina, Liz. These are the people who were on watch when this shit went down, and yet, they are given a second of air time or a published column to spew this insane shit that the "Liberal Media" repeats like it's something more than a bad joke on Comedy Central.

President Obama took the time to figure out why someone with all these "red flags" was able to get on a flight, admit to the errors, and take responsibility. He's exactly right when he refuses to say we're at war with "Terror". We're at war with the group Al-Queda, who uses terror as it's major tactic. But if you're one of these MILF loving Palin-ites who can't get past the fact that she's the first fuckable (if that's even your type) republican since.... hell you tell me, or some D-Bag Tea Bagger, or Birther, otherwise know as an ignorant racist, then you just aren't smart enough to figure that out, and you don't deserve to be in the discussion either.

The next show George Stephenopolis should be on is the weather, in Mooseknuckle Maine, because NOT doing your job when it's this easy or this important, in unacceptable, and Un-American. My friends, no matter if you're Red State or Blue State. Liberal Progressive or Religious Conservative. White, Black, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, whatever... there are opinions, and there are hard FACTS. We can have different opinions, but the truth is the TRUTH, and that's a Fact.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who is really behind the idiots?

Something struck me last night while browsing the evening news and talking head shows. There was the constant debate on how to best crack down on airport security and finding these "terrorists" before they strike, etc... There was the usual debate about racial profiling, more security on airlines, more pay for TSA agents (whom they won't let unionize), better intelligence gathering, etc. But what about this:

What if the "Shoe Bomber" and now, the "Underwear Bomber" were really just mules? Individuals recruited by some secret agency to merely keep striking at the false fears of this international "boogieman" we call terrorism? If, and I still have my doubts, Al Queda was behind 9/11, and able to coordinate the simultaneous hijacking of 4 jetliners. Pilot them with military like precision and hit 3 of 4 targets. Murder over 4,000 citizens in the worst attack on US Soil since Pearl Harbor. Why then would their next attack be a college dropout with some sort of explosive strapped to his balls on a flight bound for Detroit? Detroit?!?! The Shoe Bomber had a shoe with a fuse and was trying to light it on a plane where you know other passengers were ready to stomp a mud hole in the ass of anyone doing something stupid.

It seems to me that these two examples were doomed to fail from the beginning. Poor plotting and planning. The London bombings of several years ago were a coordinated simultaneous attack, aimed at public places, with the goal of not only death and destruction, but visual lasting impact. It seems that every time the public's fears seem to die down and lull because of a lack of interest, one of these dumb asses sneaks through our security net and attempts to pull off the equivalent of passing off a $1million dollar bill at your local Wal-Mart.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be vigilant, aware, and protect our great country. But if our country were doing all it could to protect us, why are the idiots still ALMOST getting through?

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Attention Ignorant Americans, "Terrorism" is a tactic, NOT a country or group of people!

"Terrorism" is a tactic, a tool, a method, of achieving a larger victory against a physically superior more powerful foe. A "Terrorist" is one who uses "terrorism". Continuing to mettle in foreign affairs, pillage natural resources, exploit labor markets, while marketing yourself as a nation of laws standing for truth and justice for all, you are creating the recipe for a continuous assembly line of rebellious angry young people who see this contradiction and see themselves as the Patriots and Minutemen of their people. Americans love to find a cause and wage "war" on it.

The War on drugs is a prime example. We've been at "War" with drugs since the early 80's. And haven't won so much as a battle. We've incarcerated more of our population as a percentage than any other developed nation on the planet. We've mis-spent more resources and created a violent criminal underground market which continues to feed people into the system of mis-spent resources thus creating a spiraling cycle that has no winnable end. Do you see any similarities? If any one reading this sees a winnable end to the "War on Drugs", please, by all means, let me know.

We aren't at "War" with "radical Islam". We're at war with ourselves.

Americans by and large are an ignorant people. The geographic isolation of North America and the lack of cultural acceptance and diversity that have plagued the growth of this great nation. This dumb ass (on FOX News of course) want to profile (not racially) ALL 18-24 year old Muslim men in airports. The fact that, in a nation of laws and a Constitution, this man is given a platform to speak such ignorance and it isn't laughed out into the street is infuriating.

Look, Ignorant Americans, STOP, once and for all, with this false belief that The United States of America is the one true light and beacon for freedom and justice for all. IT IS NOT! Oh it is Marketed that way, but like most things that need marketing, it's usually because the actual product doesn't not live up to the hype. The best Marketing is word of mouth, and years and years of trust and a quality product that lives up to is marketing. The USA is not that, and never has been.

I would like to live in a country like the one we learned about in elementary school. Where all men are created equal and we fight for justice around the globe and stand up for the Human Rights of all people. But we don't. We stand up for our "interests" around the world. And by "interests" I'm referring to the global economic-exploitative interests that have hijacked our republic. Which is why we will spend blood and treasure to free Kuwait, but don't sneeze on Darfur. Which is why Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses are ignored, but we sanction other nations for far less.

Do I love my country? Absolutely. Am I a "Patriot"? You bet cha'. Does that mean that my leaders can be wrong? Hell yeah. Do I have to always support and defend the decisions they make? Hell NO!