Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Police need to know why the customers don't come inside...

How long into this video did you watch this before you had to hit pause for fear of breaking something? Me, oh about as soon as I saw that officers fist fly. As they say in the hood, "Gatdayum"! Let's list a few things you don't do nor think about doing to any woman, especially a Black Woman, unless you're a white cop, and even then, you should think again:

1. Stop her for her routine for some bullshit. For example, "Hey gurl you got a fatty! Holla at me" or "yo baby yo baby, let me see that shake shawty!" or "Stop, I'm sighting you for jaywalking". None of these are good ideas.

2. Grab her without her permission, in the presence of her "girlfriend", on Martin Luther King Blvd.

3. Attempt to restrain her after stopping her for any reason covered in #1

4. Do anything listed in #1,2,3, especially the "jaywalking" example in front of a large group of African Americans, one of which has a video camera.

5. Closed fist punch said woman for not complying with your reasons for #1, or any reason.

6. File a report that contradicts said video evidence that is already in the hands of the media, and subsequently You Tube.

What The Fuck?!?! I mean, seriously. Look. I'm not advocating open defiance of Police. It's not in any one's long term best interest. But damn! Who among us even knows what Jaywalking is anymore?!? Let alone be sited by the cops for it. This asshole really doesn't understand his job description. "To serve and protect" That's the motto of most Police departments I've heard of. But in the Black community, with good reason, it really means "To serve yo Black ass all the rights, lefts, sticks, and bullets I feel; then protect my ass afterwards". There's a damn good reason Black people fear the Police. It's about once a month we hear about a case where some guy gets hit, shot, killed for being unarmed, Black (Brown), and "suspected" of doing wrong.

Ever since I was about 7, and saw it with my own eyes, I've known cops to be aggressive / violent towards minorities. I saw police searching / chasing a Black male around 45th and Logan in San Diego. And if you know San Diego, that's a corner near 45 Park and 2 Liquor Stores and a huge Section 8 apartment complex 3 blocks from "The Dip". The Suspect jumped a fence, realized he was caught, and gave up. His reward for stopping the pursuit? Three slams on the hood of a squad car and countless punches, jabs, with a nightstick. That's damn good for business and what I call, good customer service. NOT!

That's the basic premise here. We are the customers of the Police. We pay them through our tax dollars. We count on them for their service, and in return, expect good service in return. So what is good customer service? Getting to know your customers. Knowing what they "buy" and expect from your "business". Delivering the goods all the time, not running out of key items. Being courteous, respecting the money they spend. Creating a business environment where they frequent your establishment and tell their friends that they should come there too. Next time something BIG happens, and you need some information, a snitch, or clue, you'll have the credibility with your customers. Respect isn't a gun and a badge, it's character and how you carry yourself when you have the power and responsibility.

The Police have an awful reputation in many minority communities across the nation. They protect their own that engage in this type of behavior, and it's extremely bad for business. This is a systemic problem. Like any business, if you can't get rid of bad employees, it's bad for business. Bad salesmen, Bad service reps, Bad Cashiers, they all get canned. Bad cops, get insulated and protected. Being a cop is a customer service job with INCREDIBLE responsibility and if you lack the demeanor, judgement, and discipline to do it, ya ass need not be hired. And if you don't want to have your Police department on National News for doing dumb, violent, racist shit... you need to shit can those that punch women and kick Hispanics. It would make me a lot more willing to go in your store.

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