Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Divided States of America

I'm scared. Seriously. I'm afraid for this country. Where are we going to be 5-10-20 years from now? If I had to wager money, I would say the USA, with it's current political and social climate, may very well be recovering from a civil war. Our elected leaders, particularly the new minority GOP, have chosen a unilateral policy of 100% opposition to anything the Obama administration does. Wall Street, Health Care, this faux "War on Terror", even the way he greets foriegn heads of state, hell the man himself, all have been labeled as being Un-American. In 2010, it is acceptable to label the President of the United States of America, as Un-American.

Throughout history, the great societies and the great crimes have both been destroyed from within. Think about it, we are at a point were there is no longer a real threat of war and conquring from an outside force. There is no nation or group of nations capable of mounting that kind of threat. Even if a rogue group of terrorists or fringe nation got a hold of one nuclear weapon and, god forbid, set it off, the response would be such that it would not be worth it. The justified elimination of an entire nation-state or group of people, could change the Earth as we know it.

My admitted dept of historical knowlege is limited. However I've noticed that all the great empires have been destroyed from within. They gain power through war and conflict. Enjoy a period prosperity and expansion. Then as they grow in size, their leaders begin to rule the fear and intimidation. The wealth is hoarded by the few, and the masses grow to a point of frustration, and the empire falls. How do cops bust big criminal operations? They get a rat on the inside and somebody goes spilling all the details.

It took about 53 hours to go from parked Nissan Pathfinder to pulling the accused off an airplane. Half of the episodes of "The First 48" aren't that successful. By all accounts, all parties involved worked together, gathered evidence, and put the puzzle together. Now granted, had this dumbass been even 1/2 capable, this could have been a major tragedy. But the point is, now, we have a suspect, in custody, who's spilling his guts. Oh yes, he's also been read his rights AS A US CITIZEN, and he's still flopping. No waterboarding, no Jack Bauer style heroics, No electrodes, sleep deprivation, or dirty women's undies.

You would think that this is a victory for the system. The ENTIRE USA. "HELL NO IT'S NOT"!!! Republicans can't even give their own country credit for this much, expecially under the Obama Administration. They don't give a damn about the Constitution. The laws of the land, due process, no, these sum bitches don't give a damn. Nevermind that the Military Tribunals have convicted 3 people, 2 of which are now free, our criminal courts are too "un-american". That's being "soft" "weak". Actually going to court, presenting evidence, and putting it into the hands of a jury, how socialist is that?

Liebermann actually thinks you can arbitrarily "revoke" someone's citizenship. Hatch thinks that actually arresting the alledged bomber is a failure. Nevermind Bin Laden is breathing nearly 9 years after 9/11. The next time one of these two faced ignorant bastards feels the need to talk about how this admistration is "un American" they need to take a look in the mirror and realize they are the ones who hate America.

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